Environmental Compliance Assessment of Scientific Equipment Manufacturer

A client retained Carlson McCain to conduct Desktop Environmental Compliance Assessments after a multi-site acquisition of an entity. This entity manufactured scientific equipment and the site we reference in this project summary is located in Massachusetts.

Environmental areas that were assessed, where applicable, included; Air discharge permitting, Sara Title III reporting, storage tank registration, physical facility compliance, SPCC planning needs, wastewater permitting and compliance, cooling water management/disposal, water supply/extraction issues, hazardous waste management, special waste management, and underground injection control permitting applicability.

An environmental engineer from Carlson McCain conducted the assessment of these areas by completing the following tasks:

  • Obtained a site plan, and available website information on the business at the property,
  • Obtained information from a site visit of the property conducted by an environmental professional completing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of the property,
  • Interviewed business representatives by telephone, obtained photographs and other available information regarding environmental permits and compliance,
  • Reviewed the online US EPA Federal Registry System (FRS) and selected State regulatory databases to see if the business on the property was listed in any of the databases,
  • Followed up with selected business representatives to further inquire about environmental permitting and compliance issues and
  • Prepared a Desktop Environmental Compliance Assessment report.

Based on the desktop ECA completed by Carlson McCain, conclusions and recommendations for the property were made.

*This work is client confidential. We have omitted companies and individuals involved in this project. *

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