Making changes to a residential site means you need to know the limits of the land. Understanding the boundaries and measurements of your property is important in preventing development complications. Our residential surveying services help you stay on track from start to finish.

Residential Land Surveys

Land acquisitions should involve a professional survey, especially if there is no prior evidence of one being done. It clears up confusion surrounding the legal boundary lines of a property, and provides documentation for future owners or construction projects. A proper residential survey can prevent building code and property line violations down the road. These are problems that have the potential to cause headaches and cost you money if not addressed up-front.

Our expertise ranges from single-family lots to multi-lot developments, both of which present their own unique challenges. There is a breadth of regulations and permits that must be met in order for these projects to go successfully. Our experience working with city staff, planning commissions, and city councils sets us apart and ensures that we have every step covered. When it comes to residential land surveying, we pride ourselves on being detailed, accurate and efficient.