Wellfield Monitoring & Exploration for Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water

In 2018, Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water (LPRW) retained Carlson McCain to conduct an analysis of conditions at the Verdi well field based on previous experience at the well field by Carlson McCain staff. The project also used the results of routine monitoring by LPRW staff and a site visit conducted in 2018. The analysis report created from the first investigations concluded that additional permitted capacity was available on the South Dakota Side of the wellfield and that the Minnesota portion of the wellfield was sufficiently developed to utilize the permitted capacity. The report recommended steps that could be taken to enhance data collection to improve monitoring and management of the wellfield and to identify additional production well sites. Based on this report and analysis, Carlson McCain completed the following tasks in 2020:

  • Wellfield monitoring assistance
    • Assist LPRW staff with establishing a routine monitoring network and plan
    • Ongoing assistance with data compilation and interpretation
    • Assistance with SCADA setup, calibration, and verifications of measurements
  • Groundwater Flow Modeling
    • Adapt existing groundwater flow model to current wellfield configuration
    • Determine the Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA) for all wells using Minnesota Department of Health approved methods for wellhead protection plans
    • Model various wellfield pumping scenarios under differing climate conditions
    • Prepare a summary memo to present and describe model results
  • Geophysical Survey
    • Conduct a geophysical survey to identify testing locations for future production wells
    • Prepare a summary memo to present survey results and recommendations

 Client: Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water

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