2022 Carlson McCain Company Party

Last week Carlson McCain employees got together for our annual company party!

Employees from all departments spent the night at Four Seasons Curling Club learning how to curl, playing games, and celebrating another great year.

At this annual event, we recognize employees who hit Milestone work anniversaries over the past year. Employees who have achieved years of service milestones include:

  • John Lichter – 5 Years
  • Jim de Lambert – 5 Years
  • Kyle Ogren – 5 Years
  • Dave Katzner – 5 Years
  • Matt Buhman – 5 Years
  • Pete Blomquist – 10 Years
  • Dan Riggs – 15 Years
  • Chris Loch – 15 Years 
We cannot thank all our employees enough for all their hard work and dedication over the years.
We look forward to getting together once again in early 2023!