When it comes to a piece of high-value property, it is vital that you know as much about the land as possible before purchasing. Because land surveys can be approached in many different ways, ALTA was created as a national set of standards by which all properties can be evaluated. Using these standards, we provide a tool to understand every nuance of your potential land investment.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

The value of doing an ALTA/NSPS Land Title survey is tough to measure, but immeasurably important. Not only can it uncover potentially expensive issues, but it also provides a breadth of information that can be useful when deciding the ultimate value of the property. Both an information and negotiation tool, ALTA land title surveys are critical when deciding if an acquisition is worthwhile. We provide these start-to-finish surveys to ensure you have all the information you need to make a qualified decision.

Because the standards of ALTA surveys are so detailed, improvements, encroachments, and potential easements will be incorporated. This means that any issues with a potentially adverse impact on your plans for development can be used in your decision to move forward—or not—with a property. This due diligence is key for documenting using standardized terms and understanding all aspects of your potential property. We believe that knowing where you stand is a vital concern, and the standard of care with which our land surveying team approaches this work is unmatched.