Limited Site Investigation – St. Cloud, MN

In the early phases of the project, Carlson McCain (CMC) was hired as an environmental consultant to assist in excavating multiple abandoned underground storage tanks (USTs) at a site in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The site is an asphalt parking lot for a recently demolished Perkin’s restaurant. Historically, the site operated as a gas station prior to 1970.

Based on the groundwater impacts identified during the previous Phase II ESA, Carlson McCain recommended a standard scope of work Limited Site Investigation (LSI). CMC employees completed the LSI in early 2022 and provided the following services:

  • Fieldwork scheduling
  • Drilling oversight, field log preparation, and soil sampling
  • Utility clearance
  • Vapor receptor survey and risk evaluation
  • Investigation report preparation
  • Petrofund Application Preparation

Location: St. Cloud, Minnesota

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