Sloulin Field International Airport

Carlson McCain prepared a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) identifying potential sources of subsurface contamination on the former Sloulin Field International Airport located in Williston, North Dakota. The property consisted of 786-acres with 29 buildings, the Williston Municipal Golf Course, and a gun range. Following this report, a Phase II ESA, Supplemental Phase II ESA, and Response Action Plan were completed to investigate and manage the impacted soil, groundwater, and soil vapor.

This work was conducted prior to the decommissioning of the site and in preparation for redevelopment. The following field activities were conducted as part of the investigation and remediation of the site:

  • Soil borings to collect soil, groundwater, and soil vapor samples
  • Field screening for signs of contamination
  • Suspected asbestos and lead paint sampling
  • X-ray sampling of gun range soil for lead
  • Installation and sampling of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Wetland delineations
  • Oversight of impacted soil excavations

As a result of this work, Carlson McCain was able to identify contaminated media, define its extent & magnitude, and outline methods/procedures to be followed for remediation and monitoring.

Client: Ulteig Engineers, Inc. (working for the City of Williston)

Location: Williston, North Dakota

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