Environmental Compliance Assessment of Egg Production Company

A client retained Carlson McCain to conduct an Environmental Compliance Assessment of an entity’s facility. The facility consists of an integrated egg production and finished liquid egg products facility containing layer barns, liquid egg production facilities, a feed mill, standby generators, liquid egg products receiving storage, and shipping operations. The current physical facility occupies approximately 200 acres.

The purpose of this assessment was to identify possible environmental compliance issues as part of an ongoing due diligence process implemented by the client’s entity.

An environmental engineer from Carlson McCain, Inc. conducted the assessment by completing the following tasks:

  • Obtained a site plan, available website information on the business at the facility, and completed a thorough walk-through of the facility;
  • Interviewed and met with knowledgeable client representatives in person at the facility. Carlson McCain obtained files and other available information regarding environmental permits;
  • Reviewed the online US EPA Federal Registry System (FRS) and selected State regulatory databases to see if the business at the facility was listed and in which ones it was listed in;
  • Followed up with selected client representatives to further inquire about environmental permitting and compliance issues; and
  • Prepared an assessment report.

Based on the assessment findings, Carlson McCain made recommendations to resolve issues found within the assessment report.

*This work is client confidential. We have omitted companies and individuals involved in this project. *

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