Water and soil aren’t the only secrets that your site might hold. Native flora and fauna require an in-depth ecological survey report to create a comprehensive inventory of your land.

Ecological & Wildlife Surveys

As part of understanding what opportunities your site holds, it is crucial to know what already calls it home. We are positioned to help you identify the unique wildlife and botany that exist, and are experienced in completing floristic surveys and wildlife habitat evaluations. By identifying the range of threatened and endangered species, birds, mammals, amphibians/reptiles, aquatic inverts, and fisheries that already exist, we unearth potential issues—and then partner with you to find solutions.

Our team of professional ecological assessors will analyze the habitats and hazards that exist on your site to best determine a course of action. Whether issues exist because of past or proposed activities, it is imperative to identify them because of the fragility of these ecosystems. From there, our team works with you to mitigate these risks and plan a course of action for the management of your site’s natural resources and the species it houses.