The NEPA process is especially important in documenting the effects that a project might have on the environment. We handle each step along the way when it comes to working with environmental regulators, meaning you don’t have to.

NEPA Environmental Assessments

Securing the correct permits for development can be a lengthy and expensive process. We know this is something you want to avoid. With years of experience in environmental laws and regulations and a deep understanding of which environmental permits are needed, we save you time and prevent costly mistakes from being made. NEPA procedure requires that all projects involving federal funding, or permits issued by the federal government, be assessed to understand the environmental impact of their actions. The federal agency can then determine if impact statements need to be submitted for further review.

This can be an overwhelming process to the uninitiated. But our extensive background working with regulatory agencies means that the NEPA process runs smoothly and efficiently. We handle project permitting across all agencies ensure compliance with requirements. By understanding the ins and outs, we can strike a balance between keeping your vision top of mind and honoring NEPA’s goal of maintaining conditions that are good for both the environment and man.