Hydrogeological Investigation & Groundwater Monitoring for Central Bi-Products

Carlson McCain is assisting Central Bi-Products with the investigation of groundwater conditions and compliance activities at its processing facilities in Minnesota. Prior to this time, Carlson McCain personnel have assisted Central Bi-Products with water supply and environmental efforts going back to the 1980s, while at previous employers.

Central Bi-Products operates two rendering plants in Minnesota at facilities located in Long Prairie and North Redwood. At these two locations, Carlson McCain conducted the following tasks as part of the investigation:

  • Development of site-specific hydrogeologic investigation work plans including development of conceptual hydrogeologic models and proposed investigation activities for regulatory approval.
  • Borings were initially advanced using push-probe/macro-core techniques for the shallow soils and sonic core for assessment of deeper groundwater.
  • Permanent monitoring wells were installed, developed, and surveyed for groundwater flow analysis and for use in monitoring groundwater monitoring.
  • Before the installation of new monitoring wells, the existing monitoring points were inspected and assessed for continued use and necessary upgrades. The wells were re-surveyed and incorporated into the new network, as appropriate.
  • Conducted groundwater receptor surveys for the area within a 1.0-mile radius of the wastewater treatment system. GIS tools and various databases were used to determine whether wells were present and to identify property owners, property address, well depth, and the identification of the aquifer that drinking water may be drawn from.
  • Samples were collected from the monitoring networks and groundwater quality and flow conditions were summarized in a comprehensive report.
  • The work included an evaluation of the hydraulic interconnection between the aquifers potentially impacted by the facilities and area drinking water aquifer(s).
  • Conclusions and recommendations were offered from the results of the groundwater monitoring plan implementation at the facility.

Client: Central Bi-Products

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