Willmar Municipal Utilities

Water Supply Assistance

Carlson McCain, Inc. has assisted Willmar Municipal Utilities (WMU) with protecting their water supply by implementing the utility’s Wellhead Protection Plan and other related activities for over four years. Before this time, Carlson McCain personnel have assisted WMU with water supply development going back to the 1980s, while at previous employers. This work included geophysical exploration, test drilling, and computer modeling to characterize available groundwater resources. Based on this work, three production wells were added to the southwest wellfield, and four wells were drilled at the east wellfield. This hands-on familiarity with the WPU water supply enables Carlson McCain to continue to assist WMU efficiently.

Recent Carlson McCain projects include:

  • Assistance preparing the Willmar Municipal Utilities Third Generation Water Supply Plan.
  • Assistance with Wellhead Protection Plan Implementation and Grant Funding for the well sealing and Potential Contaminant Source Inventories and Update.
  • Annual water level monitoring and reporting assistance at the Southwest Wellfield for Wellfield Analysis and Water Appropriation Permitting. This work includes maintaining a water level record from 2007 when Wells 23 and 24 were added to present.
  • As-needed assistance including monitoring and assessing well performance, potential re-commissioning or sealing of a back-up well, and options for future water supply development.

Client: Willmar Municipal Utilities

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