Irrigation Management for Pork Production Company

Carlson McCain was retained by New Fashion Pork (NFP) to assist in the identification of potential sources of water for irrigation at various agricultural sites in southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa.

NFP initially began this project to look for sites that would be suitable for the development of an integrated system of nutrient management involving land application of nutrient-rich manure while irrigating the crops that are used to provide feed for NFP’s pork growing operations.

Professional services provided:

  • Compare the NFP’s agricultural sites located in Minnesota and Iowa with known geologic and hydrologic conditions including published maps and reports, well record data files, and experience in developing high-capacity water supplies in this difficult area,
  • Create a Geographic Information System (GIS) database and map to systematically identify a set of sites for further evaluation of irrigation potential,
  • Prepare a memorandum along with various maps and diagrams to relay the results of the GIS analysis and mapping effort along with recommendations for further investigation next steps,
  • Assist in obtaining contractor quotes, coordinate test drilling, production well design, testing, and development,
  • Obtain state approvals for drilling, testing, and high-capacity water appropriation permits.

This project helped further NFP’s goals of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Client: New Fashion Pork

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