Regulated Waste Assessment of Apartment Complex

Duluth, Minnesota

  • Completed the asbestos and regulated waste assessment prior to structure demolition.
  • Developed asbestos abatement specifications and collected bids from abatement contractors.
  • Developed and managed a lead-based paint encapsulation plan, approved by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, for flaking lead-based paint within the structure.
  • Managed the asbestos abatement activities and provided project oversight.
  • Analyzed asbestos air samples on-site within hours of collection.
  • Oversaw and managed the removal of documented regulated wastes as part of the pre-demolition clean-up.
  • Collected and analyzed asbestos clearance samples from inside containments prior to containment deconstruction.
  • Provided a detailed final report describing air monitoring results, project scope of work, daily work progress logs, and photographic descriptions of work activities.
  • Developed a demolition scope of work, collected bids from contractors, and oversaw all demolition activities.