4 Reasons You Might Need a Land Surveyor

When you are in the market of buying a new home or plan on making improvements to your property in the near future, consulting with a Land Surveyor can help protect you from unforeseen issues with boundary lines, city requirements, and more.

Here are 4 primary reasons you might need a land surveyor!

When you purchase a home:

  • Professional Land Surveyors can confirm the property’s boundary lines and legal description. Knowing your property’s boundary lines can help avoid boundary disputes with neighbors in the future.

When you install a fence, do landscaping, or make other improvements to your property: 

  • By having a survey done first, you can plan your project and make sure it is within the boundaries of your land. Many cities will require this.

When you build an addition to your home, a new garage, or other structures:

  • A Land Surveyor can locate all the features of the existing property that help determine the setup and location of new structures.

When a Lender requires a property to have flood insurance:

  • The elevation of the nearest floodplain in relation to your property can be determined by a land surveyor. Having your property analyzed by a land surveyor can be the difference between a homeowner paying for flood insurance or completing a FEMA Elevation Certificate to confirm your property is in the clear.

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