Bossen Field Park

Carlson McCain coordinated the redevelopment of this 37-acre park site, which had contamination in two former low-lying wetland areas due to disposal of MSP airport construction materials and unpermitted dumping by the public. Dump materials included contaminated soil and solid waste, including concrete, wire, asphalt, bricks, glass, slag, wood, and asbestos-containing building materials.

Our overall scope of professional services provided includes:

  • Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
  • Remediation and Excavation oversight
  • Excavation and landfill disposal in excess of 3,400 cubic yards of contaminated soil and solid waste
  • Enrollment in the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Voluntary Investigation and Cleanup (VIC) Program
  • Preparation of a Response Action Plan (RAP) for the use of specifications for the earthwork contractor
  • Coordination and oversight during all grading and equipment installation activities
  • Coordination with the Minneapolis Park Board during construction activities
  • Comprehensive work with developer and equipment installers

Client: Hennepin County Public Works Environment and Energy Department

Location: Minneapolis, MN

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