Every real estate opportunity comes with its own risks. To ensure the vision for your site is set up for success, we provide a team that is well versed in Environmental Site Assessments and has the technical knowledge to unearth and address issues quickly.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

We believe that a thorough knowledge of the existing or potential environmental liabilities by performing an ASTM compliant Phase I ESA is key in deciding whether a site is a good investment or not.

Regardless of what the goals are for your property, we have a team that is experienced in performing Due Diligence services by assessing and identifying current or potential issues. An accurate environmental impact assessment of the land is the first step in understanding what benefits and risks are inherent. From underground storage tank assessments to hazardous waste evaluations to groundwater quality analysis, our site inspections leave no stone unturned. This includes working with brownfields that may need more extensive redevelopment.

By providing a top-notch evaluation of your site, the larger vision you have for your property is set up for maximum success. We aim to give you a comprehensive understanding of the environmental state of your site. Whether simple or complex, our team has the experience to identify any concerns and pitfalls, saving you time and money down the road.